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monthly gift. generational impact.

will you be one of the 50 families?



an ongoing gift. a generational impact.

we've set a goal for 50 families to join our family by giving a recurring gift.

Our budget accommodates the necessities such as food, clothing, housing and staff to care for our boys at Eagle Rock.

What it does not cover are the extra-curriculars needed to help normalize a child's life:

Extracurriculars/Experiences such as:

  • Swimming Pool

  • Overnight Camping Trips

  • Fishing Outings

  • Monthly Outings (think Dave & Busters, or the Alley, or youth-friendly places for our boys to have fun!)

  • Small Vacations that most families enjoy

  • Big Birthday Outings w/ Meaningful Gifts (Birthdays are big at Eagle Rock!)

We also have plans to build a large outdoor pavilion-style basketball/athletic facility for our boys that will provide a great place to play and hang out even when the weather isn't ideal!

Together, we can make this difference!



Long-Time partner

I serve at the ranch because I see how close I was to being like one of those boys. My Mom was pregnant at the age of 15. I didn’t meet my biological father until I was 15, but thanks to God I had a stepfather join my life at age 8 that loved me like his own and taught me how to be a man.


Volunteer & Director of Eagle Rock Easter Classic

I serve Eagle Rock Boys Home because I believe in their mission. The attack on the family unit is at the heart of the degradation of a moral society and I believe that Belinda and her team are on the front lines of this battle.



 Whether it is acting as a house parent, working with the boys doing tasks, maintenance projects or praying for the boys and staff…all of it has been a great investment! 
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