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empowering boys to overcome






Over 350 boys have called Eagle Rock Boys Home since its founding in 1994. Today, Eagle Rock continues to make a difference in the community, region, and ultimately, the world - for generations to come.

Since its founding in 1994, over 400 boys have called Eagle Rock home. Today, Eagle Rock continues its impact in the community, region, and ultimately, the world - for generations to come.

Eagle Rock is a place where boys are empowered to overcome. 

Everyone on the Eagle Rock team is committed to loving our boys unconditionally and to reach them with the love of Christ by walking alongside them on their journey to wholeness and healing. All the while, we aim to model the daily importance of family, hard work and perseverance. 

Over the years, we've faced heartache and grief when a child doesn't overcome, but instead returns to the generational cycles that reach deep into their family tree. We continue to fight to maintain that relationship and love them as long as the door is open.


However, we've also watched with great joy and delight as many young men have been able to turn the negative challenges they’ve faced into a positive life change. They locked eyes with hope, and positioned themselves and their families for a better future. It's those moments that remind us that what we are doing is absolutely worth it.

We often say this around the ranch: "Once you are a part of the Eagle Rock Family… you are family forever!" 

We are grateful for the privilege of remaining a support and resource for our boys for as long as they desire. Every once in a while, a boy will move on, begin a better life and may not reach out again. More often than not, former residents will stay in touch, drop by the ranch, ask for advice, and keep us posted with how they are doing. They share stories of their time at Eagle Rock, fond memories of how God moved in their life while they were in our care.

We truly love every boy God has entrusted to us at Eagle Rock Boys Home and we are grateful to partner with a community who is committed to seeing lives changed one boy at a time!

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